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Digging for good things for all.

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THIS SITE EVERY DAY, because they pertain to truth, love, and life and nothing is more important. And yes this site links to many websites I created while seeking those vital issues, and shares an abundance of miracles God provided to teach and encourage me in my search! So happy exploring!


earnest dig encouraged and confirmed by many SIGNS & WONDERS.

Digging for truth, love, and life

Prophet Amos Spoke Of Truth Being Lost.

Yes solid rock truth has been buried like this unique rock in our front lawn, and needs to reach the church.

The Wolf Misrepresented Christ's Birth And Jesus In Many Ways!

Valentines Whale

One Of God's 50 Paintings In The Valentines Tree

Although liberties I unearthed by digging for rock bottom, and as confirmed by many unique signs, may seem too good to be true, one must remember Jesus said truth sets free, God's law's make up the perfect law of liberty, and God withholds no good thing from those that walk uprightly. On the other hand man's religions often withhold good things, while man's freedoms too often are freedom to get into trouble.

The below websites share much of my nearly 40 years of earnestly seeking truth on many subjects. And share some of my efforts seeking good inventions for humanity.

Below Are Given All My Websites And Domains Linking To Vital Issues.

Given In Alphabetical Order (Created in seeking to uncover Truth) Shares a crucial video on the subject and much more! Shares an astonishing allegory regarding issues about beauty! Shares many vital articles on the subject. Did Jesus give mere grain bread or the meaningful flesh of the Passover lamb? ----- God has warned of fire and spoken through fire! Discusses the misuse of medical drugs and God natural healing. Shares all 50 of my in use websites and domain names links. Links to my numerous developments over the years. Shares astonishing miracles involving rocks and much more. Share The Valentines Tree Story Shares Many Miracles! Shares vital Bible verses with some comments. Shares many amazing issues. My original earth toilet humanitarian project Shares vital videos and much more! Links to video - Dana Coverstones Warning Dream Links to video - Torben Sondergaard's Warning To America Links to my DIY earth toilet system Links to video - Part One Sermon Of The Valentines Whale Links to video - Part two Sermon Of The Valentines Whale A Site With Numerous Vital Documents 2022 Links to video - Vital two minute veil Video A Site Sharing Special Photos And Pages Links to video - Mystery of the Jungle Whale Video Links to video of Torben Sondergaard further warning. Links to - A most vital allegory! Links to video - Vital 11 Minute Heart Tree Video A Site With Numerous Vital Videos 2022 Links To "God And Religion What’s It All About" Article Links to video - Get Worked Up! For Truth! My first website with an abundance of articles. My earth and water saving flush toilet systems Shares numerous tree miracles with a messages.

Those who find the truth certainly have a good story to tell the nations. Actually the word Gospel means good news. Nevertheless too often religions teach a gospel of bitter news.

A Story To Tell To The Nations (A Song)

The Author

The miracles that God has done on my behalf are astounding. The only other thing that is almost as astounding is how people can turn such a blind eye.

Although many may think that researchers and INVENTORS who dig beyond tradition for unique design and solid truth would be honored, the opposite is often true. An old book titled, “The Bitter Bitter Cry Of The Outcast Inventor” makes that very clear. Too often people are to proud to admit a better way or error so they just keep right on in their faulty and inferior ways, while trying to convince themselves that what is highly esteemed among men and following the crowd is the right way. Such often with closed minds and eyes, but big mouths, continue on in their old ways as God showed in this amazing image He painted. Therewith the Serpent and man's pride have both deprived humanity of God's good plan for mankind, as well many good inventions, and further many therewith will also miss eternal life. And yes these convince themselves that it is always others that need instruction and to change, as they consider themselves rich and increased with good and having need of nothing, but don't know they are wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked in God's eyes (Rev 3:17).


Too Many

Have Closed Minds And Eyes But A Big Mouth To Defend The Commandments And Religions Of Men!

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Somehow It Just Worked Out To Finish And Publish This Page, Touting

Many Meaningful Miracles Regarding Valentines Issues, On FATHER'S DAY (2021).

Yes God cares about Fathers and Valentine issues. And may we on FATHER'S DAY and always seek what our HEAVENLY FATHER is saying with His many signs and wonders regarding Valentines issues and much more. The Valentines cookies spoken of on this page were carefully packaged to share miracles having a blazing message about Valentines issues, and now are also uniquely marked by fire, and likely for various reasons. And may God help us understand why He stopped and marked these multi miracle sharing Valentines cookies with fire, and help us to grasp all His amazing signs! Interestingly the fire resulted in the Valentines Cookies being made the next day being a unique Mother's Day. God cares about Valentines and Fathers and Mothers. See for more!

A Unique Rock With A Serpent Or Dragon And And Eagle's Beak.

Images As In The Valentines Tree.

And Found July 4th A Day That Points To The Eagle Born That Day (1776 ).